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Freshman Class Spotlight

We want to know how you found out about your acceptance to USF and what you're most looking forward to! Tell us your story and we may feature you on our Freshman Class Spotlight!

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Tips for a Successful Freshman Year

The College of Arts and Sciences recently asked USF students and alumni to give you, our incoming freshmen, some advice. Here's what they had to say:

"Do talk to your professors and get to know them! They are there for you! Everyone will eventually need teacher recommendations."
-Megan Ashley, USF student

"Don't wait until the last second to do assignments -- there will be an inevitable computer failure."
-Amanda Stone, mass communications senior

"BALANCE academics and a social life. You'll need both to enjoy college and to succeed in it."
-Kevin Hageman, biomedical sciences alumnus and current medicine student at Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine

"Do study weekly for each class and DO NOT PROCRASTINATE!"
-Allison Buckner, USF student

"Make sure to use your advisers. They are there to help you. Tap into their knowledge. Make appointments to see them. (However, DO NOT want until the last second to schedule your mandatory advising session)."
-Kaydee Jo, USF student

"College life is a privilege and pleasure!!! Don't: Be naive, Do: Be careful; Don't: Be disrespectful of professors, Do: Question and form your own opinions; Don't: Party or Study too much, Do: Build in balance in your life -- party and enjoy your college years, but remember that you are at school to succeed in academics; Don't: Be alone, Do: Build Friendships (college friendships last a lifetime); Don't: Miss a football, basketball or baseball game, Do: Be a Bull!"
-Melanie Wicinski, USF Ph.D. student

"Take advantage of virtual disk and free printing at the Student Government computer lab. Virtual disk is a service where you upload your paper to their website, walk to the front desk, swipe your card, and get your prints without having to wait in the unusually long line at the other printers."
-Heather Davis, USF student

"Prioritize your education over your social life and you will succeed."
-Eric Milliot, USF junior

"Read your text books and prepare for discussions in class! It's the key to getting A's! If you do that, it's MORE than half the battle!"
-Natalie Rockefeller, USF senior

"Go searching for your classrooms the Sunday before school begins. The campus will seem like maze to you for the first couple weeks, and first day attendance is mandatory."
-Amanda Stone, mass communications senior

"Use your time wisely and plan ahead. Time is your most precious resource, and it is an incredibly limited one."
-Kaydee Jo, USF student

"Don't feel like just another number. Engage with your professors, go to their office hours, make friends with your RA, join an organization. You can stand out!"
-Meghan Mangrum, USF student