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CAS Faculty Recruitment & Selection
Process & Procedures

Steps in the Process

The very heart of the 1999 USF Recruitment Guidelines is fairness and equal treatment of all applicants at each of the following steps.

Beginning with Step 3 you will be given at least one example of what equal treatment and equal access for all applicants means at that particular step.

Always feel free to call me or email me if you have a question about anything on this site! Let's deal with questions or concerns before they become potential problems with your search.

Step 1. Getting Approval to Search

Step 2. Appointing the Search Committee

Step 3. Developing Search Plan

Step 4. Advertising the Position

Step 5. Processing Applications

Step 6. Certifying the Applicant Pool

Step 7. Narrowing the Applicant Pool

Step 8. Interviewing the Finalists

Step 9. Getting Approval to Hire

Step 10. Preparing the Letter of Offer


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