CAS Business Support Services

Welcome to the College of Arts and Sciences Business Support Services. We provide efficient and effective financial and administrative services and solutions, focused on unit level needs and university-wide objectives.

Goals and Objectives

Top Quality, Consistent and Timely Service Delivery and Process Improvement by providing superior financial and administrative services to all units within the BSS by:

  • Integrating top quality people, processes and technology,
  • Reviewing and streamlining processes and procedures to achieve efficient, effective, sustainable and consistent operations while maximizing the use of technology,
  • Ensuring proper internal controls are established, followed, and maintained,
  • Hiring and retaining a team of top quality business professionals who provide reliable, balanced services and create trusted relationships with unit staff and faculty.
  • BSS Administrators will conduct and coordinate periodic reviews to ensure continued benefits to the unit and university, and there will be numerous opportunities for feedback from the units.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I always need a travel authorization when traveling on University business?
    • Yes, a travel authorization is always required in advance of all travel.
  • Does BSS offer help with travel arrangements?
    • Yes, we can assist you by making reservations and prepaying, when appropriate, on our University credit cards.
  • How quickly must I submit travel receipts to BSS?
    • All travel must be processed by BSS within 30 days of the last date of travel. Please try to get receipts turned in as quickly as possible after your return.
  • How far in advance must I submit a travel request?
    • Travel requests should be submitted as early as possible. Travel authorizations often take several days to be fully approved.
  • How quickly must I submit PCard receipts to BSS?
    • PCard receipts should be submitted as soon as possible. University policy requires all receipts be turned in to reconcilers within three days.

Important Resources

BSS Team

Who We Are

  • Daniel Kanouff
    Assistant Director
    Office: CPR 259B

  • Nirmala Sharon Joseph
    Department Liaison
    Office: CPR 259A

  • Tamar Bettis
    Fiscal & Business Analyst
    Office: CPR 276

  • Alifiya Bukhari
    Fiscal & Business Assistant
    Office: CPR 259

  • Brailen Guerra
    Fiscal & Business Assistant
    Office: CPR 259

  • Ivelisse Hernandez
    Fiscal & Business Analyst
    Office: CPR 270

  • Jerry Medlen
    Fiscal & Business Analyst

  • Jennifer Miller
    Fiscal & Business Analyst
    Office: CPR 262
  • Daniel Moreno
    Fiscal & Business Assistant
    Office: CPR 261

  • Luisa Ojeda
    Fiscal & Business Analyst
    Office: CPR 277

  • Kristine Yurek
    Fiscal and Business Analyst
    Office: CPR 274

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