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Welcome to the CAS Faculty Council Website!

"The Faculty Council . . . represents the interests of CAS Faculty to the Office of the Dean." -- CAS Governance Document, Constitution, Article III

"The Faculty Council provides a primary forum for the dialogue between CAS Faculty and the Office of the Dean." – CAS Governance Document, By-laws, Article III

In an ongoing effort more effectively to serve its important function, we have developed this webpage to facilitate communication between CAS faculty and their representatives on Faculty Council. Here you will find links to the home pages of Council members, archived Faculty Council meeting minutes, listings of upcoming Council events, and updates concerning Council business. Most importantly, you will find a link to a dedicated CAS Faculty Council email account. The comments, concerns and questions we receive on this account will be represented to the dean’s office and help to form the agenda for Council business.

What we do:

"The Faculty Council advises the Dean on any matter of concern to CAS, including budget and policy. It addresses issues brought to it by the Dean and the Dean's representatives and raises issues for the Dean's consideration. It also receives petitions from Faculty and encourages Faculty suggestions. . . . It may also advise the CAS Standing Committees, Faculty Committees within any of the administrative structures of CAS, and the whole Faculty on any matter of concern to CAS." -- CAS Governance Document, By-laws Article III d1, “Powers and Functions”

Among the other functions of the CAS faculty council are assisting the Dean in the appointment of members to the CAS Standing Committees, preparing and administering ballots for amendments to the Governance documents, and to oversee grievances not covered by the CBA.

We exist to serve and represent CAS Faculty. Please assist in your own governance! Help us help you, by making yourself heard through your Faculty Council.

View the CAS Governance Document

Faculty Council Report on Academic Year 2017-2018

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