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Professional Development (T/P, Professional Advice)
Evaluating Evaluations:

Professors and the Students Who Grade Them:

How to Evaluate Academic Research:

The Book is a Gold Standard for T/P in the Humanities Disciplines. CIC Universities:
To download go to:

Chronicle report on productivity and T/P:

Things You Should Know Before Publishing a Book:

Ph.D.’s, Adjuncts, and the Teacher-Training Conundrum:

How Race-Studies Scholars Can Respond to Their Haters:

A World Without Tenure? That’s a World Without Shared Governance:

Pedagogy Unbound Files:

The Faculty Treadmill, A professor starts measuring her productivity step by step:

A Teaching Career in Fragments:
When It Comes to Mentoring, the More the Merrier:

Shared Governance, Tenure, and Academic Freedom Are Worth the Trouble:

On Depression, and the Toll Academia Exacts:

How to Avoid Being Published:

New book argues faculty governance is under threat

Essay on setting boundaries for summers when faculty are not paid @insidehighered


Essay on the impact of the tenure process | Inside Higher Ed

Just How Meaningful Is Tenure?

Know the Vital Players in Your Career: The Tenured Factions


News on Higher Education
The Value of the Humanities:

The Erosion of Faculty Rights:

Higher Education's Missing Faculty Voices:

Non-Decline of Liberal Arts Colleges:

What Can You Do With a Humanities Ph.D., Anyway?:

Efficiency Committee, FSU. Kansas Model, p. 21

University of Florida, Efficiency Report:

Literacy Research Analysis, (very important for the Humanities):

UFF- FAMU, productivity and efficiency:

Report on Efficiency:

Other Articles in the media:

There is also this article from Arizona State about cuts:

The Soul of the Research University:

Location, Location, Location. Urban Hot Spots Are the Place to Be:

Senators in Both Parties Agree: States Must Do More for Higher Education:

What the Head of Hiring at Google Doesn’t Understand About Skills:

Essay on importance of understanding global student activism | Inside Higher Ed

Administrator Hiring Drove 28% Boom in Higher-Ed Work Force, Report Says


Minority Faculty
The No-Baby Penalty:

The Misleading Administration Guidance on Affirmative Action:

U. of Massachusetts at Dartmouth ordered to promote a professor @insidehighered

On Balancing Career and Family as a Woman of Color

KimberlĂ© Williams Crenshaw: My Brother’s Keeper Ignores Young Black Women


Women and Minority Leaders Are Penalized For Fostering Diversity, Study Finds

64 Percent of Women Scientists Say They've Been Sexually Harassed Doing Field Work

The Tenure Game:

A Letter To All Women Who Have Been Told To Quieten Down, Speak Softer and Be Less Angry

Interview: Corporatization of Universities Leads to Increased Academic Career Bias

Female leaders at colleges report discouragement but can be role models | Inside Higher Ed

Evidence Of Racial, Gender Biases Found In Faculty Mentoring

Securing money for research is hard for everyone - but then there's the sexism

Introducing 'Sexism Ed'

IN THEIR OWN WORDS: Academic Mobbing: Is Gender a Factor? - Women in Higher Education

The Ivory Ceiling of Service Work:

Black Scholars: Explaining Your Work May Mean Fighting For It

Study faults UCLA's handling of faculty's racial bias complaints

Study condemns US universities for promoting ‘white racial privilege’

NPR's Michel Martin On How Conversations About Women In The Workplace Still Ignore Race


Online Education
UC's Napolitano throws cold water on the online education craze:


University of California's Napolitano joins skeptics over online courses:

Online course development may cost more than traditional classes, study finds:

Pushed by Lawmakers, U. of Florida Dives Into Online Education:

Technology Provides Foreign-Language Immersion at a Distance:

Coursera Hires Former Yale President as Its Chief Executive:

Online learning doesn't have to be a Faustian bargain:

A Star MOOC Professor Defects—at Least for Now:


Kyle Carter - The world of higher education and the life of a university professor have changed