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Policies, Procedures, Regulations, & Guidelines

Nepotism Memo for Department Faculty

  • This Memorandum on Employment of Relatives should be completed each year by the chair and filed with the CAS Dean’s Office for any faculty in the same department who are related. The document has fields to be completed with the name of the chair, department, and the names of the related faculty. Note that the date automatically changes to the current date.

Policy and Guidelines Specific to Faculty

Statement on Collegiality

It is the expressed position of the College of Arts and Sciences that all persons who learn and work together in the College should treat each other with respect and dignity. Collegiality among and between faculty, staff, and students is desirable behavior among all persons in the College. Universities are, and should be, institutions where ideas are freely and openly exchanged and discussed. However, critiques of ideas should not extend to disrespectful treatment of particular persons, especially our colleagues. Faculty and staff should speak to each other and to students with courtesy whether the conversations be in private or in public settings.

This position extends to the use of language in professional settings that implies or condones disrespect of a class of persons or of specific individuals. Faculty and staff should endeavor to use language that does not denigrate or draw inappropriate attention to age, disability, ethnicity, gender, religious affiliation, sex, or sexual orientation.