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Graduate Committees Approved 2009/10

Dept/Name/CourseProposal TypeAction RequestedDate ReceivedProposal StatusDate Approved by CASGrad Council
Dept: ECO
PhD Program
NewNew PhD Program9/21/09Approved by CAS9/29/099/29/09
Dept: ENG
ENG 6005
New CourseScholarly Research and Writing9/18/09Approved by CAS9/29/099/29/09
Dept: BIO
MCB 5655
New CourseApplied and Environmental Microbiology5/20/09Approved by CAS9/29/099/29/09
Dept: ENG
ENC 6745
Non SubstantiveChange LAE 6392 - Practice in Teaching Comp. to ENC 6745-Teaching Practice & change in course description4/20/09Approved by CAS9/29/099/29/09
Dept: ENG
MA Program
Non SubstantiveCurriculum changes to MA Program in English Literature9/21/09Approved by CAS9/30/099/30/09
Dept: ENG
PhD Program
Non SubstantiveCurriculum changes to PhD Program in English Literature9/21/09Approved by CAS9/30/099/30/09
Dept: ENG
ENG 6009
New CourseIntroduction to Graduate Study9/18/09Approved by CAS9/29/099/29/09
Dept: AFA
AFA 6700
New CourseSeminar in Genocide and Human Rights (course number was changed from AFA 6XXX)9/28/09Approved by CAS10/15/0910/21/09
Dept: LIS
LIS 5418
New CourseHealth Informatics for Medical Librarians9/21/09Approved by CAS10/15/0910/22/09
Dept: AFA
Genocide and Human Right Certificate
New CertificateCertificate in Genocide and Human Rights9/21/09Approved by CAS10/15/0910/21/09
Dept: ENG
SubstantiveChange in MA/PhD degree in Rhetoric & Composition Concentration11/15/09Approved by CAS1/26/101/27/10
Dept: HTY
MA/PhD Program
Non SubstantiveChanges to MA & Ph.D. in Hostory9/22/09Approved by CAS11/16/0911/16/09
Dept: PSY
PhD Program
Substantive ChangeChange in Cognition, Neuroscience, & Social Psychology curriculum...some courses more flexible and reduced total number by 2, this will allow students flexibilty to select courses most valuable to their research specializtion.10/12/09Approved by CAS1/26/101/27/10
Dept: ENG
ENC 6266
New CourseProfessional & Technical Communication1/15/10Approved by CAS5/6/105/7/10
Dept: ENG
ENC 6422
New CourseNew Media Production1/15/10Approved by CAS5/6/105/7/10
Dept: ENG
ENC 6730
New CourseContemporary Rhetorics1/15/10Approved by CAS5/6/105/7/10
Dept: LIS
LIS 5566
New CourseMaterials for Multicultural and Special Population for Children10/15/09Approved by CAS3/16/103/24/10
Dept: BCM
Accelated non-thesis MS/BS Biology
New Course2/9/10Approved by CAS2/16/102/25/10
Dept: SOC
SYA 7933
New CourseSelected Topics for PhD Students4/12/10Approved by CAS5/6/105/7/10