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Graduate Committees Approved 2014/15

Dept/Name/CourseProposal TypeAction RequestedDate ReceivedProposal StatusDate Approved by CASGrad Council
Dept: WLE
LIN 6724
New Course ProposalIndividual Differences in SLA11/19/2013Approved by CAS4/18/20149/22/14
Dept: ENG
Change in MA
Change of CurriculumRemove Option II of MA English Literature Track2/19/2014Approved by CAS9/22/149/23/14
Dept: CHM
Changes in MA, MS, and PhD
Change in Curriculumremoving outdated requirements 3/10/2014Approved by CAS9/22/149/24/14
Dept: ECN
Accelerated BA/MA
Accelerated Programaccelerated new program3/18/2014Approved by CAS9/22/149/23/14
Dept: ENG
ENG 6946
New Course ProposalInternship4/24/2014Approved by CAS9/22/149/22/14
Dept: SGS
Environmental Certificate
change in certificatechanging admin assistant and grad cert director8/1/2014Approved by CAS8/7/20148/13/2014
Dept: SGS
GIS Certificate
change in certificateadding admin assistant8/1/2014Approved by CAS8/7/20148/14/2014
Dept: SPA
Sustainable Placemaking Certificate
New Certificate ProsposalSustainable Placemaking proposal certificate8/15/2014Approved by CAS11/7/1411/10/14
Dept: ENG
Accelerated Program
Accelerated ProgramAccelerated Program BA in Literary Studies to MA in English8/27/14CAS College Committe9/30/149/30/14
Dept: ENG
ENG 7939
Substantive Course ChangeDoctoral Seminar - Change from class lecture to directed individual study11/24/12Approved by CAS9/22/149/22/14
Dept: URP
URP 6910
New Course ProposalSupervised Research5/15/2014Approved by CAS11/7/1411/10/14
Dept: URP
URP 6906
New Course ProposalIndependent Study5/15/2014Approved by CAS11/7/1411/10/14
Dept: URP
URP 6971
New Course ProposalThesis5/15/2014Approved by CAS11/7/1411/10/14
Dept: WLE
SPN 6846
New Course ProposalSpanish Paleography & Textual Criticism9/24/2014Approved by CAS11/7/1411/10/14
Dept: ANT
Crime Scene Investigations for Violent Crimes
Certificatenew certificate9/30/2014Approved by CAS11/24/201411/25/14
Dept: ANT
ANG 6519
New Course ProposalEvidence in Court and Expert Testimony9/30/2014Approved by CAS11/24/201411/25/14
Dept: ANT
ANG 6518
New Course ProposalHomicide Investigations9/30/2014Approved by CAS11/24/201411/25/14
Dept: ANT
ANG 6517
New Course ProposalThe Science of Missing and Unidentified Persons9/30/2014Approved by CAS11/24/201411/25/14
Dept: ANT
ANG 6516
New Course ProposalCrime Scene Reconstruction9/30/2014Approved by CAS11/24/201411/25/14
Dept: ANT
ANG 6520
New Course ProposalInvestigation of Violent Crimes Against Children9/30/2014Approved by CAS11/24/201411/25/14
Dept: WLE
Changes to MA in ESL
Curriculum ChangeChange from 39 hours to 36 hours, removing LIN 6748 from core requirements, and updating the exit requirements to accurately reflect the real-world tasks that the students will encounter upon graduation.10/20/14Approved by CAS10/21/1410/24/14
Dept: SOC
SYA 7940
New Course ProposalIntroduction to Social Network Analysis10/27/2014Approved by CAS2/25/20153/2/15
Dept: MCM
MMC 6446
New Course ProposalAualitative Research Methods in Mass Communications10/30/2014Approved by CAS2/25/20153/2/15
Dept: GIA
POS 6050
New Course ProposalTeaching Political Science11/7/2014Approved by CAS2/25/20153/2/15
Dept: SPA
Change in Masters
Change in degreechange PAD 5700 as being an elective instead of being required12/2/2014Approved by CAS2/25/20152/25/2015
Dept: ENG
Masters Program
Change of degreeAddition of portfolio grading option for the MA in Rhetoric and Composition12/10/2014Approved by CAS2/25/20153/4/15
Dept: HUM
BA/MA Film Studies
New Accelerated Programin Humanities in Film Study1/12/2015Approved by CAS2/25/2015
Dept: ANT
ANG 6030
New Course ProposalEngaging Ethnography1/15/2015Approved by CAS2/25/20153/2/15
Dept: WLE
SPW 5597
New Course ProposalLatin American Culture in Fantastic Literature and Film 1/22/2015Approved by CAS4-3-20154/8/2015
Dept: PHY
Changes in PhD
Changes in Degree Programchange requirements 1/26/2015Approved by CAS1/26/20151/26/2015
Dept: PHY
PHZ 5156
Change or Terminate Courseadd a prerequisitie1/13/2015Approved by CAS1/15/20151/26/2015
Dept: PHY
PHZ 5115
Course Change Proposaladd PHZ 3113 as a prerequisite 1/13/2015Approved by CAS1/16/20151/26/2015
Dept: PHY
PHZ 6204
Course Change Proposaladd PHZ 6645 as a prerequisite1/13/2015Approved by CAS1/15/20151/26/2015
Dept: PHY
PHY 6753
Course Change Proposalremove prerequisites and add Familiarity with electronic circuits recommended to course description 1/15/2015Approved by CAS1/15/20151/26/2015
Dept: PHY
PHZ 5405
Course Change Proposalremove prerequisites PHY 3101 and MAP 2302 and add PHY 4605 or PHY 66451/15/2015Approved by CAS1/15/20151/26/2015
Dept: PHY
PHZ 5116
Changeremove prerequisite MAP 2302 and add PHZ 51151/15/2015Approved by CAS1/15/20161/26/2015
Dept: PHY
PHY 6536
Course Change Proposalchange prerequisite to PHY 66451/13/2015Approved by CAS1/16/20151/26/2015
Dept: SPF
Change in DegreeChange Admission Requirements, change degree program requirements, and update course numbers in program listing1/30/2015Approved by CAS2/25/20153/4/15
Dept: WLE
Certificate in Applied Linguistics
certificate proposalnew certificate2/9/2015Approved by CAS4-3-20154/8/15
Dept: WLE
PhD in Applied Linguisitics
New Programnew program2-24-2015Approved by CAS4-3-20154/8/15
Dept: WLE
LIN 7639
New Course ProposalQuantitative Methods in Applied Linguistics2-24-2015Approved by CAS4-3-20154/8/2015
Dept: WLE
LIN 7631
New Course ProposalAdvanced Seminar in Applied Linguistics2-24-2015Approved by CAS4-3-20154/8/2015
Dept: LIS
Degree Name ChangeChange degree name from Information Studies with a focus on Strategy & Information Analytics to Intelligence Studies2/20/15Approved by CAS3/3/153/4/15
Dept: SPF
Change in CurriculumReduce required internship from 6 to 3; eliminate Certificate in Research Management and other changes aimed at streamlining catalog language2/2/15Approved by CAS2/25/153/4/15
Dept: WLE
LIN 7638
New Course ProposalQualitative Research Methods for Applied Linguistics3-10-2015Approved by CAS4-3-20154/8/2015
Dept: WLE
LIN 7635
New Course ProposalProfessional Development3/17/2015Approved by CAS4/3/20154/8/2015
Dept: GOV
Change to PhD
changechange in degree requirements3/27/2015Approved by CAS3/27/2015
Dept: ANT
Change in PhD
changechange from Direct receipt to regular Admissions5-6-2015Approved by CAS5-6-20155-6-2015
Dept: ANT
Change in MA
changechange from Direct receipt to regular Admissions5-6-2015Approved by CAS5-6-20155-6-2015
Dept: IB
Change in MS and PhD
changechange Admission requirements5-6-2015Approved by CAS5-6-20155-6-2015