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Applying as an International Student

Unfortunately, it can be difficult for international students to matriculate to some health profession programs, especially US medical schools. The average matriculation rate for international students to US medical schools is traditionally around 12%, compared to the national average of almost 50%. The Career Center at UCLA has posted the statistics on International Applicants from the 2011-2012 cycle as an example here. Another insightful publication is here: Applying as an International Applicant to Medical School.

However, gaining admission as an international student is not impossible! First, you need to decide if you plan to obtain citizenship/residency or if you plan to remain an international student. If you plan to apply as an international student, you will want to begin researching the following:

  1. Which schools will accept international students (most Public institutions will not accept international students)
  2. Which schools you are interested in
  3. How you plan to increase your competitiveness knowing that the process is even more competitive for international students


How to Find Medical Schools that Accept International Students

You may wish to directly contact any school listed in the information above for further information or to inquire as to the actual number of international students they traditionally accept.


Information for International Students Applying to Health Profession Programs Other than Medical School

For students interested in a Health Profession program other than Medical School, the road may be less restricted. You can also read the following information based on your health profession interest:


Funding Limitations for International Students

In addition to the limited admission opportunities, most schools who do accept international students will have limited funding options for international students. For example, many programs will require international students to have permanent residency status (alien Registration Card) to be eligible to receive any type of financial assistance. Additionally, many programs will require students to provide written proof of their ability to financie their medicial education for the length of the program of study prior to being granted admission.