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4 Year Plans

In order to assist you in preparing for your program of interest, the Division of Health Professions Advising has developed 4 year tracks to guide students in recommended coursework and activities.

Important Reminders: Plans are for pre-health advisement ONLY and individual recommendations may vary. Students should plan to meet with a health professions advisor each semester to confirm accuracy and receive individualized recommendations. Furthermore, students are responsible for verifying that the courses indicated above meet the requirements of their specific programs of interest. In addition to meeting with a Health Professions Advisor, students should meet with their Academic Advisor (for their major) each semester to ensure they are also meeting graduation requirements.


It will generally take a minimum of 2 to 3 years to build a competitive application for a health profession program. Most health profession programs begin taking applications a year in advance, or more, and this is teh recommended time to apply. Therefore, if student's wish to graduate in Spring and begin a program the following Fall, they should be prepared to apply in Summer the year BEFORE graduation. If it takes a minimum of 2 to 3 years to build a competitive application, most students will need their entire undergraduate career (generally Freshman, Sophomore and Junior year) to work on building a quality application before applying at the end of their Junior Year. It is important that student recognize the benefits of being prepared and knowledgeable about the application process and these 4 year plans are designed to help you do just that!


Medical School and Podiatry School 4 Year Plan

Dental School 4 Year Plan

Physician Assistant School 4 Year Plan

Physical Therapy School 4 Year Plan

Veterinary School 4 Year Plan

Pharmacy School 4 Year Plan

Optomety School 4 Year Plan


Also, don't forget to review our general pre-health timelines here: