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Veterinary Medicine

Doctors of Veterinary Medicine treat sick and injured animals. While some vets are generalists, there are opportunities to specialize as well. There is only one college of Veterinary Medicine in Florida (UF); there are 19 vet schools which use the VMCAS application service. Students are sometimes admitted with a minimum of 90 hours of undergraduate work.

In addition to the course requirements that are common to most health professions, veterinary schools may also require or recommend some or all of the courses listed below.

The following courses are based on the requirements and recommendations of The University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine. Consult the Veterinary Schools you are interested in for each school's specific requirements.

  1. PCB 3063 (General Genetics)
  2. MCB 3020C (General Microbiology)
  3. BCH 3023, 3023L (Introductory Biochemistry)
  4. MAC 2311 (Calculus I)
  5. STA 2023 (Introductory Statistics)
  6. Courses in Humanities - 9 hours
  7. Courses in Social Sciences - 6 hours

Courses Required by UF, which MUST be taken at UF:
Most students take these courses in the summer after they are admitted and before they begin Vet School.

  • ANS 3006C (Introductory Animal Science) 4___
  • ASG 3440 (Principles of Animal Nutrition) 4___
Additional courses may be required by some Veterinary schools.

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