Remote sensing modeling

As part of our research in laser remote sensing, our group has developped several extensive software computer programs to model and simulate the transmission and laser backscatter from a distant target as a function of atmospheric conditions, gas concentrations, and laser parameters. They are:

(1) Hitran-PC, which computes the high
resolution absorption / transmission spectrum
of the atmosphere due to gaseous molecules
(such as O2, H2O, CO2, etc.)

To learn more about Hitran-PC, follow this link.

(2) Betaspec program that calculates the
attenuation /transmission of the atmosphere
due to aerosols and molecular (Rayleigh)
scatter (such as fogs, rain, clouds, etc.)

To learn more about Betaspec, follow this link.

(3) Lidar-PC program that uses the
appropriate LIDAR parameters (LIDAR telescope
size, detector noise level, laser power, etc.)
in the lidar equation to determine the
backscattered lidar return from a distant
target, taking into account the absorption
and attenuation of the atmosphere.

To learn more about Lidar-PC, follow this link.

Each of these programs are discussed in the above linked sections. The sections describe the programs, how to obtain a free demo of the programs and provide a link to the distributor of the commercial versions of the programs.


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