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USF grad student wins award at Florida Society of Geographers annual meeting

TAMPA, Fla.-- For the second consecutive year, a University of South Florida student won the best graduate paper award at the annual Florida Society of Geographers meeting.

David Roache competed in Gainesville Feb. 18-20 against many students in the state at the annual meeting for Florida Society of Geographers (FSG). Roache is a student of Jennifer Collins, assistant professor of geography and president of the West Central Florida Chapter of the American Meteorological Society.

“I was pleased with the recognition of the quality of my work by other researchers--especially the noted faculty on the judging panel. It is something I as a scientist strive for,” Roache said.

Roache’s paper was titled “Analysis of a Mechanism for the Onset of the Eastern North Pacific Basin Hurricane Season.” The research, coding, map production and statistical analysis were completed during several months.

“The concept for this work came to me while doing research for a related topic that I presented last fall at the National Weather Association conference in Tucson, Ariz.,” Roache said.

Collins, Roache’s professor, has guided him along the way—as well as in his future. He and Collins also are co-authors of two papers. The winner also plans to submit this winning work for a peer reviewed publication with Collins.

“I am very proud to be his adviser and mentor,” Collins said. “He absolutely deserved this recognition, and I am confident beyond any doubt that he will go far.”

Roache is focused on research and completion of his Ph.D. at USF. As for his future, he wants to obtain a faculty position at USF to continue his passion of teaching and research.


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Author: Kirstin Hermansen