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USF student receives Stowers Merit Award

TAMPA, Fla. -- A USF student recently has been awarded the Dr. Dewey M. Stowers Award for Excellence in Meteorology.

David Roache, a Ph.D. student in the Weather Lab of the Department of Geography, Environment and Planning, was presented with this award for his outstanding performance as a local college meteorology student.

Roache received the award at the annual West Central Florida Chapter of the American Meteorological Society (WCFLAMS) on Feb. 23. He was recognized for his dedication and achievements in the field.

“It was a tremendous honor to be recognized for the Stowers award, and to do so in front of the many regional experts in the field as well as a towering figure in the field of hurricane research in Dr. Chris Landsea was incredible,” Roache said.

The award was presented to him by Neva Duncan Tabb, Chair of the Award Committee and former student of Dewey Stowers. He was acknowledged in front of WCFLAMS members by Christopher Landsea from the National Hurricane Center in Miami.

“I expected some [recognition] having witnessed the award ceremony the prior year,” Roache said, “but it's an entirely different feeling when you're the one experiencing it.”

Stowers joined the USF faculty of the Department of Geography in 1963 and established its weather station. At the time, it was considered the finest university station in the Southeast United States.

Stowers was very influential to his students during his tenure at USF and authored more than 40 scientific papers on weather phenomena. Stowers lost a long battle to cancer in 2007, but continues to inspire students through this award.


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Author: Kirstin Hermansen