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Ph.D. student wins community award from Tampa Bay Bucs

TAMPA, Fla. -- Every year the Tampa Bay Buccaneers gives their Community Quarterback award to deserving citizens who have made an impact in the community through volunteering. Lance Arney, a doctoral candidate in applied anthropology at the University of South Florida, was one of the 2011 award recipients.

As one of the five winners for the Community Quarterback award, The Tampa Bay Buccaneers donated $2,000 to the Moses House on Arney’s behalf.

“It’s an honor to win an award like that, said Arney, who is executive director of the Moses House. “I think it’s great that the Tampa Buccaneers foundation does recognize people in the local community.”

“It was Dr. Greenbaum, she introduced me to the organizations cofounders, Harold and Taft Richardson,” Arney said. “They were doing work in East Tampa with kids who were living in housing projects over there…they said they wanted to continue doing the work here in Sulphur Springs.”

Arney said former anthropology professor Susan Greenbaum introduced him to the Moses House founders in 2007.

“We got support from local DJ’s that helped establish a music program,” Arney said. “Other people that I knew, friends and acquaintances who appreciated the nature of the Moses House and what it was trying to do, they started getting involved.”

Arney knows that his education at the University of South Florida has helped him develop the necessary skills to better serve the community.

“The Department of Anthropology at USF is known nationally and internationally as one of the strongest departments for doing applied anthropology,” Arney said. “I’ve done a lot of research in thinking about what community based organizations could do to improve the quality of life and working conditions in their own neighborhood.”

Helping to re-establish the Moses House was a huge undertaking and Arney recognizes that he did not do it alone.

“The award [Community Quarterback] isn’t for me as an individual,” Arney said. “I accept the award on behalf of everyone who’s volunteered.”

The Moses House was established in Tampa, Fla. in 1984 by brothers Harold and Taft Richardson. Arney serves as Executive director of the Moses House. For more information on the Moses House, visit


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Author: Teddy Grant