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USF geography professor awarded NSF grant

TAMPA, Fla. – University of South Florida professor Jayajit Chakraborty received a $389,992 collaborative research grant from the National Science Foundation’s Infrastructure Management and Extreme Events Program. The grant will be used to fund a three-year project called “Advancing Environmental Equity Research: Vulnerability to Air Pollution and Flood Risks in Houston and Miami.”

Chakraborty, of the Department of Geography, Environment and Planning, will work with University of Texas at El Paso faculty Timothy Collins and Sara Grineski.

The project will analyze air pollution and flooding in Houston, Texas and Miami, Fla., the two largest urban areas on the U.S. Gulf Coast. The research also will provide a framework for modeling exposure to both technological (air pollution) and natural (flooding) hazards.

With their research, Chakraborty and his collaborators hope to raise public knowledge about environmental risks, inform communities, and contribute to education at K-12 and university levels.


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Author: Lauren Laffer