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Beekeeping workshops begin Saturday

Tampa, Fla. -- Making friends with bees and becoming a beekeeper can be as easy as taking a series of classes at USF’s Botanical Gardens.

The first class is Saturday, Jan. 21 at 10 a.m. and they continue on the third Saturday of every month through December. The first session of the year focuses on pollination, bee friendly gardening, bee stings and facts about beehives. There’s a charge of $10 for each class. The gardens are located at 12210 USF Pine Drive near the southwest corner of the Tampa campus.

The class is led by the garden’s own Advanced Master Bee Keeper Gary van Cleef. Topics include the basics -- bee biology, hive building, diseases and best management practices as well as honey extraction. The course also serves as preparation for the state’s Bee College and exams.

“Beekeeping is something that is quite doable and it’s quite a fascinating hobby or vocation,” USF Botanical Gardens Director Laurie Walker said. “There’s a statewide beekeepers’ association and plenty of support for this activity. It’s definitely worth looking into if you’ve ever thought about what it would be like to work with our most important pollinators.”

Registration is preferred. Call (813) 974-2329 to register and for more information.


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Author: Barbara Melendez