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14 USF students receive CMMB awards

TAMPA, Fla. -- On Friday, Dec. 14, the University of South Florida’s Department of Cell Biology, Microbiology and Molecular Biology (CMMB) held an award ceremony recognizing their outstanding graduates.

Fourteen students were selected to receive the following awards: Microbiology Student Excellence Award. CMMB Student Excellence Award, Health Sciences Student Excellence Award, CMMB Outstanding Student Award, Outstanding Undergraduate Research Award and Outstanding Non-Thesis M.S. Students.

There were around 200 CMMB graduates this semester, so the 12 undergraduate awards were all outstanding students said James Garey, CMMB professor and department chair.

“The awards are given to outstanding students that not only have a high GPA in our majors, but also may have contributed in other ways through extracurricular activities, primarily working in research labs and student organizations,” Garey said.

Shane Leighton received the CMMB Outstanding Student Award, the highest award.

“This is a verification of the hard work I put into my academics; I am very proud to have received it,” Leighton said. “I would like to thank Dr. Shaw for facilitating my scientific maturation in his laboratory. I also would like to thank Dr. Bradshaw for his personal guidance and inspiration through his research.”

The ceremony occurs on the Friday before graduation and the recipients and their friends and family are all invited. The ceremony started with Meera Nanjundan, Ph.D., playing the violin and then the awards were given out. Following the ceremony, a reception was held for the students and their families to talk with faculty.

Awardees came forward and were presented with a certificate and a gold cord to wear to graduation. The entire CMMB faculty sat in the front row to individually congratulate each student.

“It is a very rewarding experience and one of my favorite things each semester,” Garey said.

Microbiology Student Excellence Award:
Camila Cabrera
Nick Carter
Tess Chase
Lokesh Coomar

CMMB Student Excellence Award:
Susana Alvarez
Lindsay Sandage
Natalia Puerto
Morgan Rodney

Health Sciences Student Excellence Award:
Dustin Nichols
Lauren Wilcox

CMMB Outstanding Student Award:
Shane Leighton

Outstanding Undergraduate Research Award:
Erin Kennedy

Outstanding Non-Thesis M.S. Students:
Paul Rabaut
Cristina Sandoval


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Author: Ella Farnsworth