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ESP to lead study abroad program in United Kingdom

TAMPA, Fla. -- Jennifer Collins, associate professor in the Department of Geography, Environment and Planning, will lead a two-week study abroad excursion in England this summer.

Collins encourages all students to take advantage of study abroad opportunities during college.

“My study abroad time was one of the best years in my life,” Collins said. “It was a great opportunity to not only experience a different landscape but also another culture, which has had numerous benefits to my personal and academic career. At the same time, it’s great meeting new, life-long friends!”

Students on Collins’ U.K. trip will visit field locations in England and Wales where they will develop skills in observing, documenting, evaluating and analyzing landforms and processes. Examples from the U.K. will be used to form comparisons and contrasts with that of the United States. Students will develop an appreciation of changing human interaction with, and impact upon, the environment.

There will be some light hiking and walking. Students will get up-close views of features like the Dartmoor and Tor and learn about its formations. There will be opportunities to explore tin mines and coastal features such as dunes and cliffs. Students also will learn about processes such as coastal wave erosion.

Students will have the added benefit working with three professors, including two from the United Kingdom.

The trip will be held from July 16-28. Students will receive four hours of credit that may be applied to either EVR 4903 or EVR 6936.

The course also may be counted as an elective depending on the student’s discipline. More information on how the course will be credited can be found through the student’s undergraduate or graduate director.


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Author: Gennelle Chatman