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USF faculty publish work in Journal of Herpetology

TAMPA, Fla. -- Three faculty members from the University of South Florida Department of Integrative Biology recently published work in the Journal of Herpetology. Stacy Heath, Aaron Schrey, Henry Mushinsky and Earl McCoy all contributed to the paper titled, "Contrasting Genetic Differentiation of a Poorly Dispersing Lizard in Connected and Fragmented Scrub Habitats."

The researchers screened six microsatellite loci in S. woodi (N = 154) from seven sites at Archbold Biological Station, a large, connected scrub habitat where there is a potential for gene flow in spite of the low dispersal in S. woodi. They compared genetic differentiation of S. woodi in the connected scrub to that previously detected among a cluster of naturally fragmented scrub patches. They also performed simulations to determine how fragmentation would alter genetic differentiation in the connected scrub.

To read more, visit the Journal of Herpetology.


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