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USF authors publish research in Oxford Journals

TAMPA, Fla. -- Mariano Alvarez, Christy Foust, Holly Kilvitis, Andrea Liebl, Lynn (Marty) Martin, Christina Richards and Marta Robertson recently had their research published in the journal of Integrative and Comparative Biology.

In this paper, the authors focused on the most common technique, methylation-sensitive-AFLP (MS-AFLP), used to identify genome-wide methylation patterns, to review studies addressing ecological questions that describe which taxa have been investigated, and that identify general trends in the field. They then discuss, noting the general themes, four studies across taxa that demonstrate characteristics that increase the inferences that can be made from MS-AFLP data.

The authors suggest that future MS-AFLP studies should incorporate these methods and techniques. They go on to review the shortcomings of MS-AFLP and suggest alternative techniques that might address some of these limitations. Finally, they make specific suggestions for future research on MS-AFLP and identify questions that are most compelling and tractable in the short term.

To view the publication, visit the Oxford Journals.


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