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Advanced Visualization Center hosts open house

TAMPA, Fla. -- The Advanced Visualization Center at the University of South Florida held an open house on Aug. 29.

The purpose of the open house was to show students and faculty how they can use the AVC as a teaching tool or to assist in research. The AVC, located in CMC 141, is home to an auditorium equipped with a large-scale display that projects 3-D images with a resolution of up to 20 million pixels. Students and faulty can also utilize a lab to work on visualization projects and a 3-D printer to create models.

Howard Kaplan, the AVC Visualization Specialist, hopes to use the center as a cross-disciplinary resource in teaching.

Brian Andres, Ph.D., a professor in the School of Geosciences who specializes in paleontology, used the AVC to avoid destroying his specimens by using visualization software to dissect it digitally.

Professor Anna Pyayt, who works in Chemical and Biomedical Engineering, used the AVS for her students because it helps her explain complex engineering concepts.

With the help of Kaplan and his staff, students and faculty use Maya, a software program typically used for developing video games and 3-D films, to create their visualizations. Most students have little to no experience with coding before using the AVC.

The AVC is student teach fee funded and is open for students and faculty to reserve through the year at the AVC website.


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Author: Justine Figueroa