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Award-winning radio host and USF alumnus Larry Flegle shares experience and advice

TAMPA, Fla. -- University of South Florida alumnus Larry Flegle, Ph.D. received the 2013 DJ of the Year Award from the Gospel Music Express Showcase Saturday, Oct. 5 in Ringgold, Ga. His radio show, Cowboy Gospel NETradio, is a 24/7 internet radio station dedicated to playing southern gospel music.

“I was honored to be selected from a group of very talented well-known radio announcers,” Flegle said. “It was really exciting to hear my name be called.”

In a data report, Flegle learned he has listeners in 50 countries, the most popular being the United States, Canada and Australia. Fans from all over the world nominated Flegle for the award.

“I was told I got some votes from Thailand, which is interesting because I can’t speak Thai!” Flegle said.

During the interview with Flegle about his award, he continued to refer back to the educational opportunities he acquired while at USF and how his degree in broadcasting has helped him be successful in radio business.

As a USF student in 1973-1975, Flegle was a DJ at WQYK 99.5, Tampa Bay’s country radio station. Flegle said working on that station was a real challenge for a college student because he was on air from midnight till 6 a.m. and then he’d get up for class.

“I enjoyed my degree program at USF,” Flegle said. “It prepared me for a lifetime of involvement in radio.”

Flegle was happy to share helpful advice for the current broadcasting majors at USF.

“Start getting involved in radio any way you can as early as you can,” Flegle said. “If you can build a network, you can find out what the job openings are.”

Flegle suggests students join college radio organizations like Intercollegiate Broadcasting System or the National Broadcasting Society, because it’s a way to meet professionals in the radio industry and start networking.

“Radio is something that gets in your blood and it never gets out,” Flegle said. “Radio is fun and I’d like to see more young people look at it seriously as a career path.”

Flegle is not stopping his radio goals with Cowboy Gospel NETradio. The Federal Communications Commission has an opening for a new series of FM stations. Flegle will be applying for a community radio station in a small north Georgia town; a town that he said doesn’t have a radio station of any kind. He hopes to cover high school football and other topics related to that community.

“Radio is never going to die, it’s just going to change its form,” Flegle said about the industry that some think is struggling. “Today, a lot of radio is satellite radio and internet radio, but it’s still radio.”


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Author: Melissa Moreno