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Suncoast League of Cities partners with USF’s Florida Institute of Government

TAMPA, Fla. -- Beginning in October 2010, the Suncoast League of Cities will partner with University of South Florida’s Florida Institute of Government (FIOG) to advance the quality of life in West Central Florida.

The Suncoast League of Cities, which consists of 30 municipalities and five counties, advocates for its members, supports regional collaboration and works to empower local governments. The League has chosen the FIOG at USF as a partner to assist in issues relating to urban policy, economic sustainability, and advocating for legislative policy changes. The FIOG’s contribution for this partnership will be to provide support and guidance in the areas of administration, communication and promotion as well as other professional and technical assistance services.

“The synergy of the Florida Institute of Government and Suncoast League of Cities promises to be one of excellence with a catalyst for growth. By addressing the needs of West Central Florida today and working toward making the vision of tomorrow a successful reality,” said Tom Shelly, 2010 President Suncoast League of Cities.

The FIOG has nearly 30 years of experience in developing and implementing technical assistance projects, training programs, research programs and grant administration. The FIOG also has experience in contract administration activities involving federal, state and local governments, non-profit organizations and the private sector entities, aimed to improve the organizations effectiveness and efficiency.


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Author: Angela Crist