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Shelly Dulman

USF graduate accepted into spring 2014 internship at Cannes Festival

TAMPA, Fla. -– Shelly Dulman, a 2013 communication graduate from the University of South Florida, was accepted into The Internship Experience component of the spring 2014 Creative Minds in Cannes Film Festival Program.

The 67th annual Cannes Film Festival is one of the largest film festivals in the world. It will be held in Cannes, France from May 14-25. This invitation-only film festival is held at the Palais des Festivals et des Congres along the French Riviera. At the festival, celebrities, filmmakers, industry professionals and other special guests can preview films of all genres from around the world. Dulman, 22, is among a special few who were accepted into this prestigious internship program.

The Creative Minds in Cannes internship program is the opportunity of a lifetime, where interns work with different companies in the entertainment industry based on their personal interests. Dulman is most interested in working with a television network, production company or studio. Dulman, an aspiring actress, said this internship is a good place to make business deals and network with other people in the industry.

“Meeting people and passing out business cards alone is going to be amazing,” she said.

Dulman said two people in the same program can have completely different experiences based solely on the fact if they are a go-getter or the type to just sit in their room. As for Dulman, she’s the go-getter.

Beyond working with different companies, there is the chance to be invited to yacht parties or lavish events with celebrities and industry professionals. Dulman will take a tour of the city, attend workshops and preview different movies. She also is given the chance to showcase herself and make a lasting impression.

Overall, she is most excited about all of the opportunities this internship will give her. She said she hopes to leave with new knowledge about the entertainment industry and a job offer.

Dulman first heard about the program in her last semester at USF through her academic adviser, who informed her of a meeting about an entertainment industry internship. Dulman said she wanted the recruiter to understand she was interested, serious and excited about the opportunity.

After the meeting on campus, she sent in her application which consisted of a questionnaire, recommendation letter, essay, 2-minute video and headshot photo. Once Dulman received the congratulatory email accepting her into the program, she still had a few things to take care of.

Now, her main task consists of raising enough money so she can participate in the program. The program cost a hefty $2,999 not including travel and food expenses. She is still in the process of getting scholarships and fundraising. Dulman said she is currently, “searching for new ideas and ways of making this opportunity a possibility for me.”

As for the future after the internship, Dulman will be moving to Los Angeles to start her acting career. Once she finds a place to live, she will start taking classes at The Acting Center right on Hollywood Boulevard.

Dulman has some work cut out for her because she needs to get into the business by networking, going to auditions and meeting people in the industry. But making connections doesn’t even seem like it will be an issue. She said she is constantly on the move doing something productive to reach her goals and jump start her career.

“I have this problem with sitting still,” Dulman said.


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Author: Jasmin Lankford