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CAS students to visit Nielsen’s Call Center

TAMPA, Fla. -- Students from a University of South Florida media and politics class will get an exclusive tour of Nielsen’s Call Center at 1:30 p.m. on Wednesday, March 5 to see first-hand how the students’ work on the upcoming Sunshine State Survey is being prepared to be disseminated.

Susan MacManus, distinguished university professor in the College of Arts and Sciences, said the trip to Nielsen’s Call Center will allow her media and politics class to see the process and technology of translating their 2014 Sunshine State Survey questions into a format that is ready for the public. The Sunshine State Survey is a series of questions asked annually, which provides leaders and academics in the public and private sectors with much-needed trend line data, while questions on newly-emerging issues give leaders an invaluable up-to-date look at where a wide cross-section of our state's residents stand on them.

“There is no better learning experience than seeing how ideas are ultimately put to the test in the real world,” said Susan MacManus, distinguished university professor in the College of Arts and Sciences.

MacManus said the School of Public Affairs’ collaboration with Nielsen on the Sunshine State Survey is a rare opportunity for students.

“We hope this collaboration is a wave of the future--universities and businesses working in tandem to prepare students to move from academic to jobs,” MacManus said.

The USF School of Public Affairs, part of the College of Arts and Sciences, will begin administering the Sunshine State Survey and analyzing the results with Nielsen, a leading global provider of information and insights into what consumers watch and buy. This survey was created in 2006 under the direction of Leadership Florida and at the request of MacManus, one of the nation’s leading political experts.

MacManus has continued in her leadership role of developing the survey and worked with her students to refine questions. Nielsen will administer the survey and provide an opportunity for MacManus’ students to learn about the survey process.

“Students will have the opportunity to learn about Nielsen and the data we collect regarding consumer habits in both the television and retail space,” said William Miller, Nielsen’s client and community relations specialist, public affairs. “In addition, they will get to see first-hand how Nielsen issues our telephone surveys in America to collect data that we provide to our clients.”

The 2014 survey results will be released during the summer and will provide valuable insights before the next election cycle. The survey’s results are first revealed at an annual kickoff news conference in Florida’s capital city. Each year the Sunshine State Survey generates deep press coverage and comprehensive follow-up editorial support and op-ed columns.


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Author: Michele Dye