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CAS professor appointed Associate Editor of the Journal of Applied Physics

TAMPA, Fla. – A professor from the College of Arts and Sciences Department of Physics has been named as an associate editor of the Journal of Applied Physics.

Hariharan Srikanth, Ph.D. will serve as associate editor of the Journal of Applied Physics, a publication focused on new results in research for applied physics. Srikanth has not only made contributions to this research field, but also has contributed to the journal as an author and reviewer. His first publication in the journal was as a Ph.D. student in 1990.

Srikanth is a professor in the physics department as well as the director of the Functional Materials Laboratory. The laboratory is a research facility focused on research projects such as biomedical applications of nanoparticles, magneto caloric effect and several other topics.

“I look forward to this important professional service and am excited about experiencing new challenges as an associate editor for a highly acclaimed journal,” Srikanth said.

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Author: Jasmin Lankford