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CAS Alumnus Dominique Benjamin now works at the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea
Clinton Foundation in New York City.

CAS grad lands internship at the Clinton Foundation

TAMPA, Fla. –- University of South Florida College of Arts and Sciences alumnus Dominique Benjamin landed an internship at the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation in New York City. Benjamin works for the foundation’s childhood obesity initiative, the Alliance for a Healthier Generation.

Benjamin said he didn’t expect to get the position at all.

“I thought about quitting several times during the application process,” Benjamin said. “I didn’t think I had a chance against all the Ivy League grads who I imagined must have been applying for the same position I wanted.”

Benjamin, a 2013 graduate of the School of Mass Communications, was offered the job with the alliance’s marketing and communications team a week after his graduation. His responsibilities include creating digital content, working on social media strategies and assisting with marketing initiatives to increase awareness of the organization.

Benjamin said being an intern in the Dean’s Office Internship Program for the College of Arts and Sciences was the most valuable experience he had in college.

“I have no doubt that my opportunity at the Clinton Foundation is thanks, in no small part, to what I learned during my time there,” Benjamin said. “We had free rein to work on projects from conception to completion, which I think is something very rare to have in an internship. I did my best to take advantage of that freedom and the result was that I got to add a lot of cool stuff to my portfolio.”

Benjamin’s favorite thing about the Clinton Foundation is getting to work along side experts from different fields. Everyone has an interesting story behind how they got there, he said.

Thanks to the Clinton Foundation and their involvement with several other organizations, including non-governmental organizations, Benjamin has a better idea of where he will want to work when the internship ends.

“The Clinton Foundation was my dream place to work because I identified very strongly with their mission statement,” Benjamin said. “That is, the belief that it takes creative collaboration – with all kinds of people and organizations – to change society for the better.”


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Author: Melissa Moreno