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Digital Writing Tools for Global Citizens Colloquium

Digital Writing Tools for Global Citizens Colloquium

TAMPA, Fla. -- Many speakers and audience members attended this event to discuss the future outcome of writing in an era dominated by new digital mediums. With the integration of new tools and a positive outlook on how social media can be integrated into classrooms, Digital Writing Tools for Citizens provided a glimpse at the future of writing and composition classrooms.

The day began at 8 a.m. with a presentation by Chris Anson on evaluating different forms of writing from the classroom to social media outlets, such as Twitter and Reddit. Dave Eubanks, Moxley, and a Department of English graduate student, Alaina Tackitt, addressed the progress of their current research using the USF My Reviewers tool. Suzanne Lane also discussed her progress with the Annotation Studio she helped developed for MIT courses.

Dr. Valeria Ross from UPenn presented on the culture of peer review created by the unique writing in the disciplines collective at her university. Ross also presented practical suggestions for enhancing the quality of peer reviews, such as asking students to treat the peer review process as a rhetorical analysis of each peer’s paper.

The research of many of the Department of English's current graduate students, such as Zachary Dixon and Lauren Cagle, was mentioned by multiple presenters working with corpus-based research, and about 100 viewers tuned into the event to watch the live webcast sponsored by USF World. To watch a recorded version of the event, visit

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Author:Stephanie Phillips