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GICSC hosted discussion panel on future of Iraq

TAMPA, Fla. -- The Global Initiative on Civil Society and Conflict (GICSC) at the University of South Florida hosted “Beyond the Headlines: The Future of Iraq” on Friday, Feb. 13 at the TECO Energy Ballroom on campus.

The panel discussion explored the future of Iraq and featured panelists Thérèse Tayah, former political advisor from the U.S. Embassy, and Norman Ricklefs, Ph.D., president and CEO of Iraq Advisory Council. Opening remarks were given by professor David Jacobson, founding director of GICSC, and was moderated by Derek Harvey, director of GICSC.

The GICSC is an interdisciplinary enterprise that provides policy recommendations, tailored research and facilitates opportunities for discussion to help stakeholders at many levels make well-informed decisions. The GICSC reimagines citizenship and identity, civil society and conflict and advances USF’s strategic goals of global engagement, student outcomes and faculty research.

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Author:Brenna Wenger