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Integrative biology professor co-authors book

TAMPA, Fla. -- University of South Florida Integrative Biology Professor Lynn (Marty) Martin co-authored and edited a new book titled “Integrative Organismal Biology.”

Martin, along with 34 other authors, wrote the 344-page biology book. Cameron Ghalambor (Colorado State University Ft. Collins, Colo.) and Art Woods (University of Montana, Missoula, Mont.) also joined Martin in the editing of the book.

“Integrative Organismal Biology” discusses the causes and consequences of individual variation at the physiological, behavioral and organismal levels in biology. The book covers key topics such as phenotypic plasticity and flexibility.

The 19-chapter book includes summaries of emerging areas of research such as ecological immunology and oxidative stress biology and concludes with a series of case studies illustrating concepts discussed in the book.

“Integrative Organismal Biology” incorporates the knowledge and experience of the leaders in the field to provide an advanced textbook for students and researchers studying numerous subdisciplines of integrated biology.

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Author:Brenna Wenger