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Sociology professor receives Junior Faculty Research Award

TAMPA, Fla. -- Elizabeth Hordge-Freeman, assistant professor sociology, has received the 2015 USF Woman in Leadership and Philanthropy system-wide Junior Faculty Research Award.

This award recognizes distinguished faculty members whose creative efforts and research focus on women’s issues and women’s initiatives. The recipient chosen from within the USF System receives a one-time award of $5,000 to continue their work through the WLP Support Fund in the USF Foundation. Recipients also receive an honorary lifetime membership in the USF System Women in Leadership and Philanthropy program.

Hordge-Freeman is invested in examining and producing research related to the ways that both racism and sexism impact black mothers and workers, specifically in Brazil.

“Through my research I examine the challenges that black women and families face in Brazil,” Hordge-Freeman said. “I am elated that my work on black mothers and domestic workers has been recognized by the WLP organization. With the WLP Junior Faculty Research Award, my greatest hope is that my teaching continues to raise awareness about labor exploitation and that my research ultimately leads to labor policy reform in Brazil.”

She has presented her work both nationally and internationally during the past two and a half years to diverse audiences to bring attention to her work on Afro-Brazilian women. Thanks to USF’s emphasis on global engagement, she believes USF has been able to fuse her passions to enhance her research.

“At USF, I have been able to foster the synergy between my research, teaching and service,” Hordge-Freeman said. “Because my research and teaching are mutually fortifying, it was deeply meaningful to be awarded both the USF Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award and the USF Outstanding Community-Engaged Teaching Award in 2014. These awards recognized my efforts to launch an award-winning global service-learning abroad program to Brazil, teach courses on race and families, and co-organize the UNCF/Mellon International Faculty Seminar in Brazil on race, gender and aesthetics. In many ways, USF has been the ideal institution for my global research, in part because of its institutional strategic plan, which places heavy emphasis on global engagement.”


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Author:Brenna Wenger