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Left to right: USF System President Judy Genshaft, Sara Deats, Pat Rogers, Hunt Hawkins

Department of English hosts annual honors and awards ceremony

TAMPA, Fla. -- Donors, faculty, staff, students and loved ones filled Traditions Hall on April 17 to celebrate the awards presented to graduate and undergraduate students from the USF English department. Department Chairman Hunt Hawkins opened the ceremony by welcoming all of the attendees, including President Judy Genshaft, and by highlighting the numerous accomplishments of the English department faculty.

The ceremony marked not only the accolades of the faculty and students, but also the departure of beloved Pat Rogers, DeBartolo chair of the humanities, who will be retiring at the end of this spring semester after 30 years at USF. Before distributing awards, Sara Deats delivered a speech highlighting Rogers’ countless accomplishments.

Deats expressed that it would take far longer than the two-hour ceremony to name the hundreds of titles from monographs, books chapters, edited editions, articles and presentations published by Rogers. However, despite these incredible achievements, Deats stressed that Rogers’ CV does not truly cover his most exemplar work: his rare gift of being an extraordinary teacher, colleague and friend.

Rogers humbly followed Deats’ introduction with not only thanks to the past and present department faculty, staff and students, but he also used the opportunity to extoll the significance of the humanities in the university and the importance of looking to the past to improve the future. Rogers certainly will be missed by the USF community, and we wish him the best in retirement.

The tone of Rogers’ speech carried through the remainder of the ceremony as each presenter, including donors and faculty, spoke on the importance of teaching, writing and literature. The awards themselves highlight the wonderful work that the undergraduate and graduate students have accomplished during the past year.

Such a ceremony reinforces the dedication and commitment of the English students, but also showcases the valuable work the students engage with and contribute to the academic community at USF and beyond.

Congratulations to all of the honorees and winners!

Faculty Authors
Tova Cooper. “The Autobiography of Citizenship: Assimilation and Resistance in U.S. Education.” Rutgers UP, 2014.
Sara Munson Deats and Robert A. Logan, eds. “Christopher Marlowe 450.” Ashgate Press, 2014.
Nicole Guenther Discenza and Paul E.. Szarmach, eds. “A Companion to Alfred the Great.” Brill, 2014.
John Fleming. “Songs for the Deaf.” Burrow Press, 2014.
John Lennon. “Boxcar Politics: The Hobo in U.S. Culture and Literature 1869-1956.” U of Massachusetts Press, 2014.
Katherine Riegel, ed. “All of Us: Sweet: The First Five Years.” Sweet Publications, 2014.
Ira Sukrungruang. “Southside Buddhist.” U of Tampa Press, 2014.

English Honors
Chase Andrews
Rebecca Mallick
Kinsey Bunch
Stephen Morningstar
Lauren Campos
Rachel Payne
Isabelle Cavazos
Matthew Pinson
Maria Dones
Jessica Preston
Janna Doyac
Jaime Quezon
Nicole Duran
Caitlyn Reid
Carmella Garcia
Elizabeth Steiner
Giselle Haas
Jiesha Stephens
Connor Harris
Jessica Wackler
Hannah Lay
Keanu Wall
Nicholas Machuca
Tiana Weisman

James Parrish Award for Outstanding English Honors Student: Lauren Campos
Excellence in Research Award: Crystal Bonano
STC Technical & Professional Writing Award: Jonathan Samuelson
The Charles F. Brooks Award for Technical Writing: Paola Rivera-Adorno
Dean Edwin & Mary Martin Undergraduate English Award: Hannah Lay and Nicholas Machuca

Donna Walker, Managing Editor
Isabelle Cavazos, Co-Managing Editor
Ricardo Angulo
Adam Mathieu
Sandy Bolis
Rebecca Sternlicht
Tayler Caddy
Breana Swinehart

Bullitzer Awards
David Baldwin, ENC 1102
Sarah Copley, ENC 1101
Alexandra Knodel, ENC 1101

Teaching Awards
Joseph Bentley Teaching Fellowship: Riley Passmore
Estelle J. Zbar Award for Teaching & Academic Excellence in English: Brittany Cagle

Scholarly Awards
Julian and Harry Newman Graduate Writing Award: Allison Wise
Irving and Mollie Rubin Award for Outstanding Graduate Student: Paul Corrigan
Alice Hearne Scholarship for Outstanding Doctoral Candidate: Paul Corrigan
Carolyn L. Cooley Graduate Award in American Literature: José Aparicio
Jack B. Moore Memorial Scholarship: José Aparicio
Elan Pavlinich
John Iorio Award for Outstanding Graduate Student: Cassie Childs
Alma Bryant Award for Outstanding Graduate Student: Lauren Cagle
Dorothy Linton Newman Award: Elan Pavlinich

Creative Writing Awards Estelle J. Zbar Poetry Award: Robert Annis
Bettye Newman Poetry Award: Sarah Rhiannon Escue
Anspaugh Fiction Award: T.J. Murray
Anspaugh Science Fiction Award: Noah Pearlstone
Thomas E. Sanders Scholarship in Creative Writing: Donna Walker
Ann & Edgar Hirshberg Award for Creative Writing: Christina Lutz
The Knocky Parker Award for Creative Non-Fiction Writing: Aracelis González Asendorf

Cassie Childs is a doctoral candidate in English literature. She is the research assistant for the associate chair for the English department, and the news editor for the department. She can be reached at


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