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May/June 2015 English department accomplishments

TAMPA, Fla. – Several Department of English students and alumni have published their work.

Undergraduate Accomplishments
SHIRLEY CID presented the poster, “At the Crossroads of Mexican and Cuban Immigration,” at the 2015 Undergraduate Research and Arts Colloquium. Ylce Irizarry, Ph.D. was her Research Mentor. April 9, 2015. Marshall Student Center, USF Tampa.

MELANIE ROSLER traveled to Tallahassee to read her poem at the Word of South Music and Literature Festival. She won first place in poetry and received a $300 prize.

Graduate Student Accomplishments
“Reunion.” The Southern Tablet Issue 6 (Spring 2015). Web.
“The Spies.” Proximity Magazine Issue 6 (2015). Web.
“Training at the Lakeside Café.” Cahoots Magazine 1.1 (2015). Web.

“Hammurabi.” Hobart. July 3, 2015. Web.

“Down.” 2 Bridges Review 4 (2015). Print.

Alumni Accomplishments
ASHLEY ANNIS, M.F.A. Creative Writing 2015, accepted a full-time teaching faculty position at LePort Schools in Orange County, Calif.

DANITA BERG, Ph.D. Rhetoric and Composition 2010
Creative Composition: Inspiration and Techniques for Writing Instruction. Bristol: Multilingual Matters. May 2015. Print. Edited with Lori A. May.

“It Is Not Flesh and Blood, But the Heart.” Shifts: An Anthology of Women's Growth Through Change. Michelle Duster, Trina Sotira and Jen Cullerton Johnson, eds. Chicago, IL: Muse Write Press. Dec. 2014.

“The Fixer-Upper.” Desiring Motherhood: A Special Edition of Literary Mama. Oct. 15, 2014.

KEITH CAVEDO, Ph.D. Literature 2010, accepted a full-time, tenure-earning faculty position as an English Instructor at South Florida State College in Avon Park, Fla., beginning this fall semester.

DONALD P. GAGNON, Ph.D. Literature 2003, is currently beginning his second term as chair of the English department at Western Connecticut State University, where he also serves as co-director of the American Studies program.

CAMERON HUNT McNABB, Ph.D. Literature 2012
“Re: Your Recent Email to Your Professor.” Inside Higher Ed. April 16, 2015. Web. Co-authored with Paul T. Corrigan.

“Romeo and Juliet Go on the Newlywed Game.” Neutrons Protons. April 27, 2015. Web.

“Vanilla Ice's Intro to Critical Theory Syllabus.” Neutrons Protons. May 4, 2015. Web.

CR JUNKINS, M.A. Literature 2007, recently was awarded the 2015 George Jenkins Endowed Teaching Chair at Polk State College. The chair comes with a $10,000 award and an engraved rocking chair.

CHRISTINA MUN-LUTZ, M.F.A. Creative Writing 2015, accepted the position of the Coordinator for Eckerd College’s Writer’s Conference, Writers in Paradise.

“A Story of War.” RHINO (2015): 94-95. Print.

“After the Third Miscarriage, I Travel to Jeju Island.” Special Issue of Puerto del Sol 50.1 (2015): 99-100. Print.

“First Birthday.” Special Issue of Puerto del Sol 50.1 (2015): 101-102. Print.

Faculty Achievements
“Ritual and Reclamation: Towards a New Memory of Dominicanidad.” The 2nd Biennial Latina/o Literary Theory and Criticism Conference. Manhattan, NY. April 24, 2015. Conference Presentation.

“Because Place Still Matters: Mapping Puertorriqueñidad in Bodega Dreams.” Centro Journal: The Journal for the Center for Puerto Rican Studies, 27.1 (2015): 146-179. Print.

“I Don't Belong Here.” Coe Review 45.2 (2015): 85-102. Print.


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