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GRASP welcomes new and returning students!

TAMPA, Fla. -- Graduate Research and Student Publications (GRASP) is an organization which provides an opportunity for all graduate students, M.A.s and Ph.D.s—rhetoric and composition, creative writing and literature—to participate in the peer review process. Group members receive feedback from their peers, so members feel confident to present and/or publish their best work. GRASP reviews one paper (two small papers at most) and meet once a month on Fridays to share thoughts and feedback on papers received. GRASP is open to looking at all types of papers, including sections of a dissertation, working articles, conference paper, or creative pieces.

In addition, GRASP now will hold professional development workshops on various academic topics throughout the semester. Our first workshop is “How to Successfully Navigate an Academic Conference.” More details are coming soon!

During the Fall 2015 semester, GRASP will meet on the following days:
Sept.25: 3 p.m. CPR 257
Oct. 23: 3 p.m. CPR 257
Nov. 20: 3 p.m. CPR 257

For those who would like to join or to reserve a review spot for the upcoming months, please email Stephanie Derisi at We look forward to seeing everyone at the first meeting!


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Author:Stephanie Derisi