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English Graduate Student Association holds fall colloquium

TAMPA, Fla. -- The English Graduate Student Association (EGSA) held its annual fall colloquium on Oct. 23, 2015. This year's colloquium was coordinated by Lesley Brooks and John Ray, and featured the scholarly and creative work of undergraduate and graduate English students. The presentations represented a wealth of topics, ranging from 17th through 20th Century literature. They also included presentations on new intersections with visual mediums, such as television shows and video games. Graduate student presenters included Seth Spencer, Stephanie Derisi, Sarah Nicely, Elizabeth Loyer and Allyson Hoffman. Undergraduate student presentations and readings were given by Mollie McKinley, Sabrina Lutz, Nicole Rae Grannie and Courtney Clute.

In addition to highlighting the work of undergraduate and graduate students, EGSA was pleased to have three guest speakers -- Assistant Professor Jay Zysk, Ph.D., Assistant Professor Marc Santos, Ph.D. and Professor John Fleming, Ph.D. -- representing the literature, rhetoric and composition, and creative writing areas of our department. Presenters and audience members were invited to part take in a dessert bar following the presentations.

Please contact Lesley Brooks ( for further information about the event.


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