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Humanities professor publishes book

TAMPA, Fla. - James D'Emilio, an associate professor of humanities in the University of South Florida College of Arts and Sciences, has edited and translated a book examining the culture of Galicia in Spain from late antiquity.

The 960 ­page book, entitled "Culture and Society in Medieval Galicia: a Cultural Crossroads at the Edge of Europe," compiles the articles of 23 international authors regarding the art, architecture, religion, politics, language and literature of medieval Galicia as well as current research on the region.

Translating scholarship conducted in Spanish, French and German, the book aims to present medieval Galicia and its culture to English ­speaking medievalists, Hispanists and students of regional culture and society to illustrate how the remote Spanish region became a hub of medieval art, culture and religion.

D'Emilio has been at USF since 1988 and currently teaches courses on the ancient and medieval cultures of Europe and the Mediterranean in the Department of Humanities and Cultural Studies. In addition to editing and translating the articles featured in the book, D'Emilio contributed seven prefaces and three articles.

"Culture and Society in Medieval Galicia: a Cultural Crossroads at the Edge of Europe" has been released by Brill Publishers and is available for purchase both in print and online editions on


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Author:Sarah Runey