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Zimmerman Advertising Program Welcomes Class of 2020 to USF

TAMPA, Fla. -- On Aug. 20, 2015, the Zimmerman Advertising Program welcomed 23 students to the class of 2020 ZAP cohort at the University of South Florida. The students are members of USF’s freshman class which is the strongest class, academically, in the university’s history, with an average high school GPA of 4.08, and an average two-part SAT score of 1223. Although this year’s cohort primarily hails from the state of Florida, students in the cohort also proudly represent New Jersey, Connecticut, Saudi Arabia and Russia. The students have quickly hit the ground running to leave their mark on campus by becoming involved with a variety of campus leadership opportunities, including the student-run advertising agency, Altamira, Ad Club and the American Marketing Association (AMA).

A variety of programs were offered to the ZAP students to welcome them to campus and their new home away from home in the ZAP Living Learning Community (LLC), located in Juniper-Poplar Hall. Week of Welcome events included a Business Bulls Welcome BBQ held at the Muma College of Business for all business LLC students, a visit to the ropes course at USF Riverfront Park, and a meet and greet event with Jordan Zimmerman during his visit to campus for the Executive MBA lecture. Targeted programs like this are a key component to the first year experience in the ZAP program, as they offer valuable personal and professional development opportunities for the students, and also help to solidify the community in the LLC.

As the semester progressed, students participated in company tours of Nielsen and ChappellRoberts, learned how to maximize their networking skills through a dinner with a professional etiquette trainer, attended improv workshops, and also enjoyed a “Dinner with the Deans” with Dean Moez Limayem from the Muma College of Business, and Dean Eric Eisenberg from the College of Arts and Sciences.

As the fall 2015 semester came to a close, students were asked to provide a summary of their experience living in the ZAP LLC. Ilana Loory shared that, "Living in the ZAP LLC has made coming to USF an amazing experience. Living with people that have similar interests and classes as me helped me transition and make great connections that I can utilize throughout college."

The experiences offered in spring 2016 will build upon the momentum of this semester and will include opportunities for students to participate in an inaugural ethics case study competition alongside students in the Bulls Business Community LLC, attend a networking event with professionals from Grow Financial, and finalize preparations to study abroad as part of the USF in London program.


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