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Balancing the life of a student, employee and athlete

TAMPA, Fla. - Amy Van Sant is a senior pursuing a degree in public relations, who has found a balance between her roles as a student athlete, social media coordinator and Dean’s Student Leadership Society (DSLS) member.

Van Sant channels her passion for volleyball by playing libero, a defensive specialist, for USF’s volleyball team. After all, athleticism runs in her family.

“I started when I was six years old. My parents met playing volleyball so it was kind of meant to be,” said Van Sant.

On top of her 20 weekly in-season hours for volleyball, Van Sant works at Carrollwood Country Club where she manages social media accounts, promoting the club’s events and facilities, and coordinating media coverage for any special events.

Van Sant wanted to be recognized as more than an athlete and employee, however. She joined DSLS in the hopes of meeting other students who are as driven and motivated as she is in her major.

“I enjoy being able to represent our College of Arts and Sciences,” Van Sant said. “As a member, I’ve volunteered at many events and been able to network and meet many different people.”

Still, athletics is where Van Sant found her first home.

“There are so many people from so many places,” Van Sant said. “That’s something I love about USF, how diverse the school is, but also how unified it is…we do come together and we do support one another. It is the same in athletics.”

Van Sant wants to create this same team feeling within the College of Arts and Sciences.

“Something we’re trying to work toward is to bring the college together and have more events for CAS students to participate in,” Van Sant said. “DSLS has allowed me to connect with the college I’m a part of.”

Van Sant hopes to help others share in this connection and volleyball has certainly taught her the skills to help achieve this.

“Ever since I started playing, I realized not only was I a leader on the volleyball court, but in general,” she said. “It’s taught me a lot about selflessness. The only way you’re going to find success on a team is if you truly care for your teammates. Whether I’m playing or not…it’s always important to be the best role model for my teammates.”

Van Sant wants to continue her role as a leader after graduation, and undoubtedly she has the resume to do it.

“I want to travel first, then get an internship or job, hopefully for a professional sports team in the PR department and work my way up,” Van Sant said. “Being an athlete at a university, you’re already a representative for your school and that’s something a lot of employers understand.”


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Author:Sam Risak