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USF-Nielsen Sunshine State Survey Data Release to Begin Oct. 6 Revealing Floridians’ Stance on Trending and Hot Topic Issues

TAMPA, Fla. (Oct. 3, 2016) – On Thursday, Oct. 6, the University of South Florida School of Public Affairs, part of the College of Arts and Sciences, will begin releasing the results of the USF-Nielsen Sunshine State Survey. The first survey data release will address critical issues around Florida's economy and environment.

The 2016 USF-Nielsen Sunshine State Survey results will be revealed in multiple data releases over three weeks. Included with the data releases will be a Quick Facts Summary where MacManus will share her analysis on hot topics and emerging trends. Engaging infographics for download and more detailed data tables for each data release will be posted to the USF-Nielsen Sunshine State Survey website.

This survey is the most anticipated non-political, issues-based annual survey of Floridians’ stance on a wide range of economic, social and emerging issues facing one of the nation’s largest states. Nielsen administers this survey in partnership with USF and analysis of the results is directed by Distinguished University Professor Susan MacManus, one of the nation’s leading political experts.

“The constantly changing demographics and the state’s increasingly complex social and economic issues are the genesis of a multiplicity of wide-ranging hot button issues” MacManus said. “Floridians are highly attentive to current events that require the attention of leaders in the public, private and nonprofit sectors.”

Created in 2006 by Leadership Florida under the direction of MacManus, the USF School of Public Affairs began spearheading the survey in January 2014. The USF and Nielsen partnership provides students the hands-on opportunity to design, analyze data and understand the methodology for one of the most recognized and valued surveys in Florida. The survey provides leaders and academics with much-needed trend line data, while questions on newly-emerging issues give a baseline look at where a wide cross-section of our state's residents stand on them.

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The USF-Nielsen Sunshine State Survey is the most anticipated annual survey of Floridians on a wide range of issues affecting the state of Florida and serves as our state leaders’ report card. Conducted by the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of South Florida and Nielsen, this survey has become a critical source of citizen opinions on key issues facing this rapidly changing state--the nation's third largest. The series of questions asked annually since 2006 provides leaders and academics in the public, private and nonprofit sectors with much - needed trend line data, while questions on newly - emerging issues give leaders an invaluable baseline look at where a wide cross - section of our state's residents stand on them.


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