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New Faculty in the Department of Psychology

Mike Braun joined the department as an Assistant Professor in the Industrial-Organizational Psychology in 2015. His research primarily looks at the effectiveness of team decision-making. Braun is currently looking at the changes in cohesion and collaboration as teams develop.

Diana Rancourt was welcomed into her faculty position in 2014. Although it’s been only two years, Rancourt has been making great strides in her research. The big issue that intrigues Rancourt is how psychosocial factors contribute to disordered eating behaviors, particularly in adolescents and young adults. Ultimately, Rancourt believes that social support within an “in group” can prove to be beneficial to an individual struggling with body-related issues.

Rob Schlauch, clinical psychologist and assistant professor, also came to the university in August of 2014. He is particularly interested in understanding the ways that people change problematic drinking behavior. Schlauch's research analyzes a variety of factors that could impact an individual’s progress, such as craving and personality.

Liz Schotter is the newest Assistant Professor in the Cognition, Neuroscience, and Social program, coming on board in August 2016. Her research focuses on coordination of visual perception and cognitive processing when people read, speak or make decisions.

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