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August and September 2016 English Department Accomplishments

Short Text: Check out some of the English department’s accomplishments from August – September 2016.

Date: October 1, 2016

Undergraduate Student Achievements

EMILY BROCKET was offered a full-time job with Amazon in HR after graduation. She expects to graduate in May with a dual degree in English Literature and Health Sciences.

Graduate Student Achievements


"mHEaL and mHealth in a Restricted Environment: Design and Usability of an Offline Mental Health Literacy App." SigDoc. Silver Spring, MD. September 23-24, 2016. Co-authored with Josh Rea and Katie Walkup. Conference Presentation.


"Dickens and Eucharist: Sacramental Medievalism in Bleak House." Christianity and Literature 66.3 (June 2017).


Rev. of The Dirty Side of the Garment Industry: Fast Fashion and its Negative Impact on Environment and Society (2016) by Nikolay Anguelov. Modern Language Studies.

CHELSEA DINGMAN won the National Poetry Series for her first book, Thaw, forthcoming from the University of Georgia Press.


“Mapping Spatial Consciousness in Kate Chopin’s Bayou Folk Stories.” South: A Scholarly Journal 48.1 (Fall 2015): 108-28.

Elected to the 2016-2018 Society for the Study of Southern Literature's Emerging Scholars Organization Council and serving as Mentorship Chair.


“The Body is Not a Raft.” Midwestern Gothic 23 (Fall 2016): 96-99.


“Desire as Architecture.” Disquieting Muses Quarterly Review (Fall 2016). Web.

“Baking is Cheaper than Therapy.” Barrelhouse Online. (Sept. 26, 2016). Web.

Faculty Achievements


"Didacticism and Its Discontents: Rescripting Reader Response." Conference of the North American Society for the Study of Romanticism. Berkeley, CA, Aug. 11-14, 2016. Conference Presentation.

JAY HOPLER has been longlisted for the 2016 National Book Award in Poetry for his nominated book The Abridged History of Rainfall, forthcoming from McSweeny’s.


Rev. of The AmeRícan Poet: Essays on the Work of Tato Laviera. Sargasso: Journal of Literature, Language, and Culture. University of Puerto Rico. 2016. 2014-2015. I & II. 147-150.

Dr. Irizarry was also an invited speaker at the Pennsylvania State University from September 21-23, 2016. She presented on graduate student professionalization and research at two workshops as part of the Department of English's "Mentoring Workshops" Series.

NATHAN JOHNSON received an Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) Sparks! Ignition Grant for Libraries. The grant project team was assisted by Rhetoric & Composition graduate students Peter Cannon and Katie Walkup.

JOHN LENNON received internal ResearchOne funding to support the graduate students at the spring event, Re-Shaping the Future of Graduate Education in the Humanities.


"Haywire" Tin House Volume 18.1 Essay.

"How Things Work" The New York Times. September 18, 2016. Essay.

The Practice of Creative Writing, 3rd ed., Bedford/St. Martins Macmillan

JACOB TOOTALIAN received an award from the Renaissance Society of America to attend the Digital Humanities Summer Institute at the University of Victoria in summer 2017. He will be attending a seminar called "Understanding Topic Modeling."

Emeritus Achievements


“Pope and Martial.” International Association of Professors of English, School of Advanced Studies, University of London. July 28, 2016. Invited Conference Presentation.

“Social Structure, Class, and Gender, 1660-1770.” The Oxford Handbook of the Eighteenth-Century Novel. Ed. J.A. Downie (Oxford UP, 2016): 39-54.

“Defoe on Bath, Bristol, and Gloucester: Some Unexplored References in his Tour.” Notes and Queries 63 (2016): 72-79.

“‘The Monster of Ragusa’: Pope, Addison, and Button’s Wits.” Review of English Studies 67 (2016), 496-522.

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