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USF SI hosts ICPE 2010

On Oct. 20 through Oct. 22, 2010, faculty and students of the School of Information (SI) and University of South Florida administrators welcomed domestic and international presenters at the Second International Conference on Information Capital, Property and Ethics (ICPE).

Presented by USF’s School of Information and Shih Hsin University -- Taipei’s Department of Information and Communication, the conference was held at USF’s Gibbons Alumni Center and brought together scholars and professionals interested in intellectual property issues, information studies and international politics. The theme of the conference was "Globalizing Intellectual Property: The Geopolitics and Ethics of Information Rights," and served as part two of the same theme as the 1st Conference that was held in Shih Hsin University, Taipei in 2008. The conference’s ultimate objective was to strengthen international academic and cultural exchange in the information studies discipline, and to promote information ethics in the knowledge service profession.

At the conclusion of the conference, it was announced that the Third International Conference on ICPE will take place next year in mainland China.

When asked her opinion on the significance of having this conference at a location in the United States, Dr. Chihfeng P. Lin, Associate Professor in the Department of Information and Communications at Shih Hsin University--Taipei and Co-Convener of ICPE 2010, explained it was an example of sister-school relationships where faculty members of the two schools are given an opportunity to exchange and share their expertise. She further argued that interaction between the two schools provided an opportunity for faculty members and hopefully students “to learn from each other in culture, lifestyle, and language proficiency in additional to academic development.”

Additional comments about the conference:

“We cannot over-emphasize the significance of having the ICPE 2010 here at USF. Having a conference of this stature promotes not only the university, but the whole State of Florida as well. The Mayor of Tampa acknowledged as much, when she thanked USF for bringing the conference to Tampa.”
John N. Gathegi, Ph.D., J.D. – Conference Co-Convener Professor, School of Information, University of South Florida
Co-Convener, ICPE 2010

“I think that the multifaceted nature of the topic and the intimate inherent structure of the venue (i.e. limited to 50 participants) attracted me to ICPE 2010. From the time that I first began communicating with Dr. Gathegi to when I was befriended and assisted by Yvette Harden, USF Alumni Center reservations manager. I felt as if I were sitting in the comfort of a good friend’s living room talking about important intellectual property/rights/ethics issues. In my nearly 20-year career as a librarian, I’ve never had such a rich conference experience.”
Tom Adamich, Presenter
MA LIS Alumnus, School of Information
Head of Metadata Services at Muskingum College
President at Visiting Librarian Service

“I got a lot out of the conference. Meeting the visitors from Taiwan and talking with them about the state of libraries over there was fascinating. Conditions there are remarkably similar in some aspects, but quite different in others. Since it was my first time attending an academic conference, I was also surprised by the communal, friendly nature of the event. I was sad when it was over. During our coffee breaks and meals, I received lots of great informal advice and suggestions from fellow students, colleagues and presenters, and was also able to get a window into the world of current information policy discussions.”
Zachary English, Presenter
MA LIS Student, School of Information
Class of 2011

“This conference was exceptionally well organized. I had the opportunity to network with upcoming and established Library and Information Science Professionals in the United States and also from other countries such as Taiwan. Presentations were captivating and enlightening because they were thought provoking especially findings of many of the empirical research papers that were presented and projects that some of the professionals were working on.”
Dr. Musa Wakhungu Olaka, Presenter
University of Missouri, School of Information Science and Learning Technology


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Author: Jessica Voss