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This Week in Pictures Guidelines

A photo may be submitted as events are happening. There is a rolling submission process, but the cutoff time is every Friday at 3 p.m. After that time, photos will not be considered for that week's online photo gallery.

Types of photos we are looking for:

  • Newsworthy events
  • Campus shots
  • CAS student life
  • Interesting class projects
  • Research
  • CAS faculty

Photo Requirements

  • Photo resolution must be a minimum of 600x400 pixels
  • Caption must include accurate information about what's happening in the photograph
  • People who are clearly featured in the photograph must sign a release form if the photo is not taken at a public event
  • You must have the right to distribute the photograph

Submitted photographs will be reviewed by the CAS communications and marketing office and will use photographs at their discretion.

This Week in Pictures
Files must be in JPG format
Please Read:
By clicking the SUBMIT button, I agree to the following:I hereby grant the University of Florida College of Arts and Sciences to use this photograph for their purposes. Such use includes, but is not limited to: publication, display, advertising, editorial illustration, web use, broadcast, etc. I also affirm that I have the right to distribute this photograph. I affirm that the subject(s) in this photograph has signed a photography release form, and I will drop off the signed release form to CPR 260 within 24 hours of submitting the photograph. Failure to comply with these terms and conditions will exclude my photograph from being used. I hereby swear that I am an adult of sound mind and body, and agree to all terms stated above.