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The College of Arts and Sciences Communications and Marketing Office manages the news content on the website. The goal is to streamline this process and help disseminate the news to the appropriate outlets thereby ensuring better communication about the exciting and wonderful things happening in our college.

When putting together this strategy, CAS communications and marketing took into consideration the hectic schedules of faculty and staff and wanted to create a very simple way to make a request to post news items to the website or submit a story idea. This process provides a way for submitted news to appear on department home pages as well as our news archives.

CAS communications and marketing created a simplified form where you can provide the information you want posted or share a story idea. After reviewing your submitted form, the CAS communications and marketing director will decide the best location to share the news. If you are submitting a story idea, one of our writers may pursue the story. For example, your news item could appear in one or more of the following outlets:

  • CAS main page
  • CAS news site
  • Department home page
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • USF News
  • Bullhorn (newsletter for CAS faculty and staff)
  • Bulletin (newsletter for CAS alumni and friends)

Please give us at least four weeks notice if you want us to publicize an event. This will give us time to write the press release and have enough time to pitch the story to the local media. All other news items will take about two weeks to post online, though it may be less depending on the amount of news submissions the office has received at the time. CAS faculty and staff can fill out the form below.

Required Information
Submit News
Photo Submission
If you have a photograph to complement your news item please send us the image. Please make sure it is a high-resolution photograph (5 megapixels or higher) and saved as a .jpg. Please make sure you have the sufficient clearance to publish this photograph (i.e. model releases, permission from photographer).
Photo Request
Some news items would be complemented by a photograph. We will do our best to take your requested photo; however it will depend on whether a photographer is available.
Please Read:
By clicking the SUBMIT button, I agree to the following:I hereby grant the University of Florida College of Arts and Sciences to use this photograph for their purposes. Such use includes, but is not limited to: publication, display, advertising, editorial illustration, web use, broadcast, etc. I also affirm that I have the right to distribute this photograph. I affirm that the subject(s) in this photograph has signed a photography release form, and I will drop off the signed release form to CPR 260 within 24 hours of submitting the photograph. Failure to comply with these terms and conditions will exclude my photograph from being used. I hereby swear that I am an adult of sound mind and body, and agree to all terms stated above.