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Shadarne Meghie

Alumnus lands advertising job in London

TAMPA Fla. -- The University of South Florida’s Shadarne Meghie, a mass communications alumnus with a concentration in advertising, has done what many USF graduates hope to do: find a job within three months of graduation. But Meghie has gone beyond just that. He landed a job with Ogilvy, an international advertising agency, in its London office.

Meghie is their new account executive in the Media Planning and Buying Department, and he said it’s the perfect mix between the two.

As part of the Zimmerman Advertising Program, Meghie had many opportunities, including a practicum that introduces opportunities such as networking with Tampa Bay business leaders, dinners with the deans and faculty, company tours, academic advising and tutoring in Juniper-Poplar Hall, and improvisation classes to learn business and marketing skills.

“Getting real-world experience really brings the theoretical learning to life,” Meghie said. “I learned that the more experience you get through interning, the better you look when you try and get a job after finishing your studies.”

To land the job, Meghie used several social media formats such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

“Looking back on getting a job, it really was a long and strenuous process, especially if I didn't get a response,” Meghie said. “However, perseverance really is the key, which meant I eventually landed the job I once thought was unattainable.”

Meghie said that being a USF student in the School of Mass Communications had a profound effect on his future career and progression through life. He’s thankful for his professors and said he learned all he needed to know about the industry and interviews from their classes.

“For example, I took along a portfolio of work I had completed while attending USF to my Ogilvy interview and the interviewer was blown away with what work I had been doing at USF,” Meghie said. “This shows that the School of Mass Communications is really up to speed with the current industry.”

For all the upcoming USF graduates, Meghie was kind enough to share his advice on interviews.

“I cannot stress enough how important it is to research the company that you are applying for,” Meghie said. “I used this knowledge several times in the interviews I had been lucky enough to get, and I felt it puts you at ease with the interviewer because he or she knows that you have gone that extra mile to prove that you want the job.”


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Author: Melissa Moreno