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Ph.D. candidates lead accessibility committee for national conference

TAMPA, Fla. -- Tampa is hosting Composition's flagship national conference, the Conference on College Composition and Communication March 18-21. Faculty, staff and students in the Department of English rhetoric and composition program have been integral to the conference planning process.

In preparation for the conference, USF rhetoric and composition Ph.D. candidates Ellie Browning and Lauren Cagle are serving as co-chairs for the Accessibility Committee, charged with providing conference attendees with accessibility information and promoting accessibility at the conference. Their work as accessibility co-chairs supports Browning and Cagle's research interests in disability studies.

Along with volunteers Daniel Richards, Erin Trauth, Stephanie Phillips and Zac Dixon, Browning and Cagle produced an accessibility guide to support conference attendees as they make their travel and presentation plans. This year's accessibility guide contains almost 40 pages packed with information and photographs designed to help attendees make informed choices about their trips to Tampa.

The Guide features accessibility information about:

• the Tampa airport,
• traveling from the airport to downtown Tampa,
• the Tampa Marriott Waterside,
• the Tampa Convention Center,
• and navigating downtown Tampa.

Other sections of the Accessibility Guide address the secondary conference hotels and downtown amenities, such as drugstores, restaurants and support group meetings. The guide is available on the conference website: (


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