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Physics professor Matthias Batzill to receive Jewell Award

TAMPA, Fla. -- Professor Matthias Batzill of the University of South Florida College of Arts and Sciences has been chosen to receive the Barbara P. and Emery H. Jewell Award for Physics Faculty Excellence, an honor given each year to a Department of Physics faculty member who has been remarkable in the areas of research and teaching.

The Jewell Award Committee, with faculty and student representation, selected Batzill for the 2015 Jewell Award “for outstanding research in surface science, especially graphene and catalysis, and for his mentoring of students.”

While the systems he studies have potential for important practical applications, Batzill focuses equally on understanding the fundamental physical processes underlying their properties. His work in the area of surface science has had a worldwide impact, and his students have gone on to successful careers.


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Author:Thomas Augensen