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2015 CCCC committee chairs (from left to right -- Tiffany Wilgar, Sandy Branham, Caitlin Klueber, Lauren Cagle, Alex Watkins, Ellie Browning)

Department of English hosts successful conference

In addition to the 2015 Conference on College Composition and Communication Annual Convention (CCCC), held in Tampa on March 18-21, having more registered attendees (3,600!) than past conferences, the conference, according to many of the attendees and exhibitors, was said to be the “most user-friendly” and by far the “best-run conference” they have ever experienced at the CCCC’s. Why is that?

It might have been because we were fortunate to have waterfront vistas at our convention sites this year (Tampa Convention Center, Marriott Hotel & Marina), and attendees could look out the windows at almost every vantage point to see the sunny Florida skies and beautiful river views, or that Tampa offered temperatures in the low 80s and warm, balmy breezes for those coming from regions hit hard with cold weather and snowy conditions, or that Tampa is notable for its diverse selection of restaurants, art, culture, beautiful white sand beaches and world-class attractions, not to mention that our city has been ranked the 5th outdoor city by Forbes and the 5th most popular American city, based on where people want to live—BUT, much of the credit for the amazing success of the conference, its organization, delivery, communication and community engagement, is because of the local arrangement committee’s year-long planning, coordination, dedication and enthusiasm for optimizing our out-of-town guests’ conference experience. Okay, and we’ll take credit for releasing the dolphins on cue.

More specifically, the local arrangement committee consisted of five committees and six committee chairs (all from USF) and about 70 volunteers who contributed more than 500 hours in creating an effective and productive conference environment in concert with the CCCC’s leadership team. As the chair of the 2015 CCCC Local Arrangement Committee, I am sincerely grateful for all of our volunteers’ generous efforts.

The committees/chairs are listed below:

Tiffany Wilgar, information, hospitality & special event committee chair, has worked with a tireless group of volunteers who have planned and designed an amazing print and online hospitality guide (a “full searchable archive!”), which includes information about restaurants and pubs, things to do in Tampa, special events and more.

Ellie Browning & Lauren Cagle, as our accessibility co-chairs, have worked with their team in researching and creating an outstanding 4C’s Accessibility Guide and coordinating accessibility with the National Committee on Disability Issues in College Composition. The guide is accessible in print and web versions. Note: This was the first conference that had a local accessibility committee, and NCTE will continue this committee function as Ellie, Cagle and their team did such an awesome job!

Alex Watkins, our room arrangement committee chair, and her team made sure that ALL of the session rooms were set up as requested by checking on every session before and during the session period.

Sandy Branham, our exhibit committee chair, and her team assisted exhibitors with their registration and other exhibit needs.

Caitlin Klueber, as registration committee chair, worked with her many volunteers to assist pre-registered conference attendees in securing their program and name badges.

Thank you, committee chairs!

USF was well-represented at the conference as local committee volunteers. Thanks to Erin Trauth, Stephanie Phillips, Zac Dixon, Megan McIntyre, Jessica Preston, Brittany Cagle, Natalia Avila, Nancy Lewis, Katherine Royce, Stephanie Derisi, Deedra Hickman, Sandy Justice, Annalise Mabe, Patty McCabe-Remmell, Jon Ray, Karissa Womack, Shauna Maragh, Dr. Elizabeth Metzger, Tanya Zarlengo, Samantha Cosgrove, Rachel Tanski, Sophia Gourgiotis, Dr. Meredith Johnson, Quincey Upshaw, David Boyles, Kristin Gocinski, Johanna Hillen, Meg Mandell and Imani Lee, as well as USF alumni volunteers Julie Gerdes, Jen Paquette, Kate Pantelides and Vernetta Williams.

It was a memorable and rewarding experience for all.


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Author:Dianne Donnelly