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The Zimmerman Advertising Program's Living Learning Community

Each year since its creation, the Zimmerman Advertising Program invites 34 college freshmen to live and learn together in Poplar Hall. These students all share a common goal of completing the program and graduating from USF in five years with both a bachelor's degree in business advertising in and a master's degree in strategic communications.

"We designed this program as a cohort model, so generally they are taking almost all the same courses which includes business statistics, calculus and some of the harder business classes along with the fun creative classes is mass communication classes and since they are living together they can work on their projects together," said ZAP recruiter Alexis Quintal.

The program is created to be a tight knit community. Most students are taking the same classes or even taking classes together. They also are offered their own adviser and tutor in their residence hall.

The program offers many experiences not available to other students. They are invited to go on professional and educational field trips where they are picked up right outside of Poplar hall and taken to visit advertising agencies or take part in company tours. This allows them to get hands-on experience at the beginning of their college experience rather than waiting until junior year like many other students.

With the success of the ZAP Living Learning Community in helping students to transition into college and develop themselves professionally it is a goal to expand the number of beds to allow for students to remain a part of the LLC into sophomore year.

"We've been there for them a lot, I think that's made it a lot easier for them to transition because some of them are from out of the state or country and it's obviously a huge change so we want them to know that hey have people there for them and they have each other too," said Quintal.


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